Digital Footpint

We are launching our website and our social reach across IG, Twitter, and LinkedIn on Wednesday January 15th, 2020. This was a fast launch, it just FLEW by. Marc and I both affirmed our business plans to launch LSE on December 9th 2019 on a regular Monday morning phone call. We had acquired a film’s rights and were deciding between a totally independent release model or a completely new company. We realized that day that we could make the distribution company of our dreams. With a few titles under our belt and a few new ones on the horizon (and our books too!), we are excited to share our films with you and partner with some amazing filmmakers this year. Marc and I have the gumption and rebellious spirit to fight the good fight to keep Indie film not just alive, but THRIVING with good people working on their behalf in the marketplace. Thanks for joining us on this wild ride. 

Welcome to where you can learn about Little Sister Entertainment: We cannot be managed.

From your little sister and XX Founder, 

Jennica Schwartzman

XX Founder, LIttle Sister Entertainment