LSE Partners with Doomsday Robot Game Company

Little Sister Entertainment has partnered with Texas based Doomsday Robots Game Company and will be collaborating to create original games for select Little Sister Entertainment film and literary properties. Moving forward, IP expansion will a large deciding factor when LSE takes on a title for distribution or publication. 

As a part of this partnership, Little Sister Entertainment’s online store will now be the official seller of Doomsday Robots’ games and accessories which includes their first freshman Kickstarter hit ‘Bridges To Nowhere’ as well as beginning pre-sales for their sophomore follow-up, Zoography (to be made available early 2021 post-Kickstarter distribution). 

Bridges to Nowhere is a fun, strategic, card drafting micro-game where players build unique bridge designs. This dynamic game challenges players to keep their wits about them at every draw of the card. Players gain points for their bridge based on construction, height, aesthetics, and completing contract objectives. The player with the highest scoring bridge wins.

In their upcoming game, Zoo-ography, you’ve been asked to design a new city zoo. Build custom habitats, hand pick animals for exhibits, and strategically place attractions to bring visitors to your zoo. Meet each city’s unique set of objectives, to earn the highest rated zoo. This game features Animal Drafting – over 40 animals to choose from, Tile Laying – build and manage your zoo’s habitats and attractions, and Variable Objectives – Over 200 objective combinations means endless replay-ability.

XX Partner of LSE, Jennica Schwartzman, shares that, “We already have several of our titles in development with our partners at Doomsday Robots. I’ve always wanted a game to accompany my favorite movies and books. Taking these properties from the living room couch to the dining room table means that the fun doesn’t have to end when the movie is over!”

LSE is a boutique publishing and distribution company formed as a partnership between filmmakers Jennica Schwartzman and Marc Hampson built on over 20 years of collaborative experience in the independent film market. We are working to bring our diverse award-winning library to an evolving global audience which includes independent movies, books, games, music, and other artistic endeavors from passionate friends and collaborators.