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How Do we meet FILmmakers? Writers? Musicians?

Film festivals and referrals. We keep a small boutique library and focus on long term relationships with our filmmakers as opposed to viewing your film as a one-off title with only individual value. Our books and music center around the filmmaking experience or support our filmmaker’s brand development.

How do We Choose Content?

There’s a number of factors we take into account when reviewing new titles to take on, but at the end of the day it’s really just about whether we connect with the material paired with what we think we can do for your title. Our aim is always to connect artists with their audiences and to do that we need to make sure we’re a good fit.



We Review Your Title

We are film lovers first!

We love non-fiction digital, physical, and audio books with a focus on the filmmaker’s process and experience from various voices and perspectives. We are also a label primarily focused on film scores, soundtracks, mixtapes, and featured promotional albums. If your team has already released your film but retained your music rights, we do not need to carry your film’s release for soundtrack/score release consideration.

Media Consultation

We examine and offer a Key Art / Promotional materials consultation and discuss our media requirements that match up with your genre/audience


We introduce your title to our PR partners to create a marketing strategy around your title’s release and future considerations

Release Strategy

Street date, exclusives, outlets, release windows, price points, Exhibit A media requirements, and first year plan

Multi-Media Marketing

Diversified cross-market media and merchandising, brand development, and future content consideration. We aim to earn a first look deal with our partners. (i.e. books, music, merchandise, etc)

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