"A Collection of Essays, Articles, and Easy-to-Digest Tips for the Filmmaking Family" Filmmaking is bizarre. Parenthood is wild. Create a lifestyle that includes both. This informative and witty collection of essays and articles takes the Stay-At-Home-Parent transformative reality, the Work-At-Home creativity, and the Indie-Filmmaker pure kick-ass grit and blends it together for a unique philosophy on the family filmmaking unit. This book addresses the growing trend of parents and artists with lifestyle obligations. And tells you to put those fears away and tackle issues as they come.Broken up into 7 sections: Basics of the #IWAHPF, Family & Parenthood, Producing, Writing, Acting, Film Festivals, And Industry Culture - this book includes several articles per section including contributions from her husband/producing partner/writing partner Ryan Schwartzman and a foreword by Director Marc Hampson.

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