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Movie Baking: The Indie Work-At-Home-Parent Filmmaker

A collection of Essays, Articles, and Easy-to-Digest tips for the Filmmaking Family from a contributing writer at and a PGA Producer/Actress/Partner/Mother of two – sharing her experiences making films, attending festivals, speaking on panels, mentoring, and making it all work together.

Available March 20, 2020

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Jennica Schwartzman


The Art of Indie Filmmaking: A Post Mortem

In 2008, a few friends decided to write a script using the house they had, their band equipment, a bullhorn, and a lot of cigarettes with the singular goal of finishing a movie shoot in two weeks. Six months later, they wrapped having learned some hard lessons, however, they had caught the bug. 12 years and many films later, these filmmakers are still failing upwards making no budget features, winning awards, breaking rules, and trying to make their way outside of the Hollywood system they refuse to wait on; they don’t need anyone’s permission to create. One part memoir, one part how-to, Director Marc Hampson looks back at the ups and downs of the storied path made by getting ideas in front of the lens and some of the hard lessons learned behind the lens worth sharing.

Release TBD

Marc Hampson


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